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Anna Elena Berlin is looking for a Literary Agent / Publisher for her new book, samples of which can be viewed at her website: www.wisen-up.info -

Anna Elena is a Certified Professional Coach and Experience of Life Researcher and Writer. She devotes herself to helping people to find out that if they “get”, or understand, what it is they need they can build the life that best suits them. Thinking deeply about human nature and the human condition is her undeniable vocation. This deep thinking, her extensive research, and healing her own extreme challenges through an arduous process spanning eighteen months, four countries, and three continents enabled her to pull vital information together and write about how people can learn to be wise to make the most of their very finite lives.

Inspired by the way Traditional Wisdom Keepers saved their people from suffering throughout the ages, Anna Elena strives to do so in her writing. By helping people to learn the wisdom they collected, the Keepers enabled them to survive and thrive. So too is the wisdom she collected meant to help readers to reach their most worthy goals. Currently she is focusing on spreading the word about how Personal Wisdom and Experience Of Life Management Skills can be learned and cultivated to help readers optimize the way they experience their life.

Her writing includes the importance of leading by example for the benefit our descendents and to make a positive impact on our lineage. Her message highlights that you don't have to be perfect to get the life that's perfect for you by learning skills to do and feel better. Anna Elena researches human dynamics and writes about them from her adopted home in inspiring Lake Chapala, Jalisco, where six of her wellbeing articles have been published in Mexico’s premiere English magazine, El Ojo Del Lago for one of the largest expat communities in the world.