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April Benedetti

Writer by day, 911 by night
Author of high concept/thriller novel, Guardian of Your Soul.

Small town psychiatrist, Eileen Hoffman, always controls her emotions.  When Detective Manning arrives to question her about the disappearance of a patient’s daughter, she learns another girl, belonging to a different patient, is also missing.  Just when she needs to be at her best to treat the mothers of these girls, her control begins to falter and her own sanity comes into question. She’s haunted by memories of her first psychiatric patient, whom she failed to help.  

Meanwhile, Manning is pissed the FBI is leading the investigation and believes they are going in the wrong direction.  This is his town and he will go behind their backs to protect its citizens if that’s what he needs to do.  But, things are moving too fast and another girl is taken before he can prevent it.  This time, the kidnapper leaves a witness, only she’s too traumatized to speak.

In order to stop the abductions, Manning pressures Eileen, who has resorted to using pain to keep her emotions in check, to get answers from the silent girl.  During their first meeting, the past and present collide and Eileen finds herself facing the possibility that tragedy is never meaningless.