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Erin Kettle

Author and PR Consultant
Portland, Ore.
Erin Kettle is an author of book club/upmarket women’s fiction. Her career is also in communications and public relations, most recently as a key spokesperson for NIKE, Inc. As a result Erin has written countless statements, manifestos and press releases. Managing teams and working with clients, she’s spoken at many conferences and conducted workshops and media training.

Prior to Erin’s career in communications, she wrote for several publications as part of their editorial staff including The New Yorker, BRIDE’S Magazine and GQ. Although, her love for writing all started when Erin was little, she would look up words in the dictionary and create a poem around the sentiment. It still works great for story ideas today.

When not writing or consulting, Erin enjoys spending time with family and friends, and trying to catch her two little girls as they run circles around her.

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