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G. Hayden Forest is a writer living in the Pacific Northwest. She is currently an English major at WSU Vancouver where she nervously looks over her shoulder for someone to remind her she is too old to be in college.
G. Hayden Forest is thirteen years older than her twenty one year old self. G. Hayden Forest is writing this in the third person because it sounds more professional.
G. Hayden Forest's writing has appeared in the Salmon Creek Journal, the NW Crimson and Gray, and a few blogs. Oh yeah, and she also published a children's book about brain injury. That's right, brain injury. Because the world has enough Goodnight Moon's. It helped a lot of families, which was kind of the point. To find it, check Amazon for Daddy's Different: A look at brain injury through a child's eyes.
G. Hayden Forest is married.
G. Hayden Forest has two kids.
G. Hayden Forest drinks a lot.

G. Hayden Forest has never been to a writer's conference before and is honestly a little annoyed that an agent hasn't broken down her door with a three book deal. She is excited for this conference and for the crowds to part with all of her awesomeness.
G. Hayden Forest writes YA and for children because adults are boring.
To read some of her earlier (adult) stuff, check out her blog up top. She hasn't posted in a while since she's moved on to writing her YA book, which is kind of the next big thing, or not.