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Karen Flagstad

Portland, OR
I have a memoir (third draft) titled "The Ruby Dodge," alluding to the Ruby Shoes that Dorothy stepped into. So the Dodge is a metaphor but it's also real car--a freedom car, a 1937 jalopy, that my mother polished up and took on the road, with me in tow, starting at age 7. Hence the epigraph from "On the Road" (1955) : "Where are you going, America, in your shiny car in the night?" An early version of an early chapter placed third in an Oregon Writers Colony contest a few years ago--a grain of encouragement to keep going with the memoir, which I have done. In general, I agree with John McPhee that your third draft is where you might finally have something people want to read.
Earlier writing of mine includes literary criticism published in "Shakespeare Studies," travel writing, poetry, book reviews, and “From the Editor” columns in "EPA Journal," the former print magazine of the Environmental Protection Agency.