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Robert Bruce Drynan

A Native of Oregon, Robert Drynan resisted growing up in Albany, earned a bachelor degree at University of Oregon and a graduate degree in International Business, at Thunderbird Graduate School in Arizona. Served as a linguist in the Army Security Agency in Germany during the Cold War. in his career he lived in Chile, Colombia, Netherlands and Venezuela. Extensive business travel world- wide included opening corporate operations in the Soviet Union and Satellite countries.
Since retiring he has authored three novels; Domain of the Scorpion, What Price Liberty, and The Shadow of Nemesis, all available on Amazon. He has self-published two short story collections: The Phoenix, Mirage of El Dorado in English, and Mirage of El Dorado in Spanish, as well as two bi-lingual editions, El Dorado and El Ultimo Toque de Retreta (The Last Tattoo).
He Has four short stories appearing in an anthology, Embracing the Fog, recently published by Amazon in collaboration with three other authors; James Tipton, Antonio Rambles and Mel Goldberg.
Drynan currently resides in Mexico