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Tasia Anastasi

Creative Genius
Lake Oswego, OR
I'll be volunteering in the pitch room on Friday and Saturday. Come say hello!
I've always overflowed with "Tasia-Isms" but my brilliance was never openly shared with 100's of people until the summer of 2014. Last summer, I surrendered to self-love and unexpectedly lived in Paris and Amsterdam for three months (There's more to that story!).
If you're hilarious, creative, witty, have experience with self-publishing or publishing poetry or a non-traditional book (photography/graphics), I would love to connect with you. If you're from the East Coast, we'll probably get along wonderfully.
"Lessons From Paris" was my first public creative expression where I photographed and wrote about cultural/social experiences unique to Paris (Did you know that Parisian dogs get lost on the subway too?). Next I created a series of compressed tidbits of wisdom and wit, which I call my "Madame Says" quotes. My "Madame" voice began as a fun experiment that grew into an identity that allowed me to experience a wider, richer perspective on the everyday mundane ("Things don't happen TO you they happen FOR you").
The project that I am most excited about is my chapbook, "The Anatomy of an Asshole." It's witty, unexpected and ready for a series ("The Anatomy of a Dick" and "The Anatomy of a Cunt"). It was a riot reading "The Anatomy of an Asshole" to my father on Father's Day!
I'm a native Oregonian and as much as I "heart" Oregon, I "heart" NYC more. One thing that most people don't know about me is I treat my life as a movie set that involves all my senses.
Last year, "Wild" and "Grimm" were filmed at my family's restaurant in North Portland (Overlook Family Restaurant). It certainly was interesting experiencing the production process and to see my childhood "village" on screen. You could say the restaurant was my first creative inspiration with the 100's of characters who visit daily.